Is The First Descendant Multiplayer? – Answered

the first descendant

Despite the overwhelming reception to the game, along with its free-to-play nature and launch this summer for everyone, there’s still mystery surrounding The First Descendant. For instance, what’s the game’s multiplayer like? Is The First Descendant multiplayer?

Can You Play The First Descendant Multiplayer?

First and foremost, The First Descendant is a cooperative looter-shooter in which up to four players can team up and work together to dominate mobs of enemies and challenge bosses in Void Intercept battles. Alongside the raid-type boss content in The First Descendant, you may also participate in Consecutive Survival and Consecutive Defense, in which you must work together to survive hordes of enemies for as long as possible.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for most players, is that you can play the entire campaign cooperatively with the same number of players. You never have to struggle through a particularly challenging section of the game, as you can enlist the help of a friend!

Is The First Descendant PvP?

The First Descendant does not offer a PvP mode, as the game primarily focuses on a cooperative experience. This information was confirmed by developers Beomjun Lee and Minseok Joo, the Producer and Director, respectively, at Nexon Games. They set out to create a cooperative PvE game, first and foremost, and intend to stick with that design plan.

Furthermore, their insistence on sticking to the original PvE plan means there’s little to no chance of a PvP mode coming to The First Descendant in the future. Of course, never say never, but it isn’t very likely.

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