What Systems is The First Descendant Releasing On? – Answered

The First Descendant Tank
Image via Nexon

If you don’t mind a free-to-play game, especially one with such interesting gameplay mechanics as The First Descendant, then you’re liable to download said game on any system you can, right? Well, what systems is The First Descendant releasing on?

Can You Play The First Descendant on PlayStation?

Good news! You can play The First Descendant on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on day one. There is no waiting period for the console release, despite a clear focus on PC, and it’s still free-to-play on both systems.

If you visit the PlayStation Store on your specific system and search for “The First Descendant,” you’ll find the game available to download on July 2!

Can You Play The First Descendant on Xbox?

The First Descendant will launch on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on July 2, the same day as all other systems. However, if you go searching for the game on the Xbox Store right now, it says unavailable. On launch day, it will change to available.

Simply follow the usual steps by opening up the Xbox Store, searching for “The First Descendant,” and then downloading the game in the background on launch day!

Is The First Descendant on PC?

On PC, The First Descendant will only be available on Steam. It’s not on the Epic Games Store, and that’s likely a good thing, depending on your personal outlook on the digital storefront.

To download The First Descendant on PC, visit the Steam Store, search for “The First Descendant” in the top right search bar, and then add the game to your account for free!

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