Can You Play Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition on Steam Deck? – Answered

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Stealth
Image via Ubisoft

While we patiently wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2, which Ubisoft assures everyone is most certainly still in development, despite the insane gap, we’re treated to Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition on Steam. But can you play Beyond Good & Evil on Steam Deck?

Does Beyond Good & Evil Have Steam Deck Support?

While Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition does not officially or fully support the Steam Deck, it does offer full controller support. In most cases, that’s usually enough. If a game offers controller support and is optimized for such controls, then it’s more than capable of running on the Steam Deck to some extent.

Seeing as Beyond Good & Evil is an old game, even with this 20th Anniversary Edition, it’s not graphically demanding. As such, you should have zero issues playing on Valve’s handheld!

Is Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition a Remake or Remaster?

It’s a full-blown remaster with 4K graphics, improved audio, achievements, and more. Remaking Beyond Good & Evil fully would likely take far too much work, considering it’s twenty years old now, and Ubisoft has its sights set on future prospects.

As mentioned, they claim to be still working on its sequel, though we don’t know when that’s coming. But they also have Star Wars Outlaws and Assassin’s Creed Shadows coming this year, so a remaster will suffice for now!

If you’re looking for a relatively short adventure before Ubisoft’s next open-world monoliths, then Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition should be right up your alley. It only takes approximately 12 hours to complete the entire game!

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