How to Beat Mohg and Start Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Mohg Arena
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We know that to begin Shadow of the Erdtree, you must defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood, and Starscourge Radahn. They’re both challenging bosses with unique phases and weaknesses, and they’re acting as gatekeepers to the expansion. Well, here’s how to beat Mohg, the watchdog over the expansion’s entrance, and start Shadow of the Erdtree!

How to Defeat Mohg

Mohg earned his reputation as one of the more challenging boss fights in Elden Ring. His large variety of attacks, many of which deal area-of-effect damage or unavoidable Hemorrhage, prove catastrophic to players who walk into the arena unprepared. If you plan ahead, however, you’ll find yourself with Mohg’s Great Rune and Remembrance of the Blood Lord before long, along with unfettered access to the DLC!

Mohg’s Phases

Mohg features two phases, with the first proving just as difficult as the second for many players. In the first phase, Phase 1, he will incur Blood Curses upon the player—up to three simultaneously—and then use these in Phase 2 to siphon health from you while dealing significant bleed damage in the process via Bloodborne Ritual.

Thankfully, during Phase 1, Mohg primarily focuses on standard physical attacks with his melee weapon of choice: a Trident. Before the fight kicks off in earnest, you’ll have time to summon assistance and pop a flask to buff your attacks.

In Phase 2, Mohg pulls out all the stops by utilizing bleed damage, specifically with his Blood Curses and Bloodflame. If you’re not careful, the bleed damage will overcome you.

Mohg’s Attacks

  • Bloodflame Talons: Mohgs swipes the immediate area in front of him, dealing explosive damage in three simultaneous slashes.
  • Bloodboon: An area-of-effect attack that splashes the player in Bloodflame, which causes Hemorrhage.
  • Spear Swings: A standard physical attack in which Mohg swings his Trident three to four times. You can dodge roll away.
  • Thrust: Mohg uses his weapon to spear the air in front of him, leaving him open to big damage from the flanks. If you’re stuck with Thrust, expect to receive bigger damage, though.
  • Ritual Countdown: Mohg thrusts his weapon into the air, counts down from three, and spawns three red circles (Blood Curses) around the player before striking with his weapon.
  • Bloodborne Ritual: Following Ritual Countdown, Bloodborne Ritual consumes each of the three rings in turn, dealing massive damage to you and healing Mohg simultaneously.
  • Airborne Assault: Mohg sprouts wings and leaps into the air, charging downward to deal a powerful attack.
    • Tip: Roll forward, not backward!
  • Slam: Mohg slams his Trident into the ground, causing an explosion. You can roll away from the encroaching circle, however.

What is Mohg Weak Against?

It’s one thing to learn his moveset and phases, which knowing both will certainly give you an upper hand, but tailoring your build to his weaknesses makes a difference. It’s easier if you have a Larval Tear or two to respec at Rennala. In any case, Mohg is weak to:

  • Slash
  • Strike
  • Pierce
  • Hemorrhage

Do not use Fire against Mohg! He’s strong against fire builds and also immune to Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, and Poison!

How to Start Shadow of the Erdtree

Once you defeat both Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood, enter Mohgwn’s Palace and walk up to the cocoon in the back of the arena. There, interact with the withered arm. By touching the arm, you’ll teleport to the Land of Shadow, which is the new zone for Shadow of the Erdtree.

Once you reach this point, you can access either realm at will!

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