Fallout 76: How to Complete An Unlikely Invitation

Fallout 76 Vault 63 Door
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Following the game’s first-ever map expansion, players will receive a new quest introducing Skyline Valley and its storyline. But the introductory quest proves rather challenging, mostly due to bugs, and it pays to have a helping hand! Here is how to complete An Unlikely Invitation in Fallout 76!

Where to Find the Vault-Tec Broadcast Source

Fallout 76 Vault-Tec Broadcast Location
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

After downloading the new Skyline Valley update, upon loading into the game for the first time, you’ll receive a new radio station. It’s a Vault-Tec Broadcast, and it warns of a distressing situation that requires all hands on deck from Vault-Tec representatives like yourself.

You must track down the location, which is just north of Sutton. If you check the map screenshot above, you can see Sutton and my position at the crash site. That fork in the road is where you want to travel, and you can reach it by heading east of the Overseer’s Camp.

Where to Find Alyssa

Fallout 76 Farmhouse
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to actually find Alyssa upon discovering the crash site. Thankfully, it wasn’t ineptitude. It turns out that this introduction quest to Skyline Valley is actually extremely buggy, and sometimes, Alyssa won’t spawn in your game. If that happens, return to the main menu and find a new server. Once you load back in, you’ll receive a quest marker pointing you directly to her position.

She’s usually in one of two spots: beside the vault door or at the farmhouse just down the road.

Fallout 76 Alyssa
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Where to Find Vault 63

Fallout 76 Vault 63 Location
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Upon speaking with Alyssa, she’ll explain where to find Vault 63. Her directions, however, leave something to be desired. She tells you it’s somewhere down south in the Ash Heap. She doesn’t offer any more specifics, so we will!

If you check the screenshot above, you’ll note Vault 63 sits between Hornwright Testing Site #03 and Garrahan Estate, about as far south as you can go on this portion of the map. Expect to pay approximately 30 Caps to fast-travel down here.

That completes An Unlikely Invitation in Fallout 76!

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