How Much is The Finals Battle Pass? – Answered

The Finals Premium Battle Pass
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With the introduction of a brand-new season in The Finals, it’s also time to score an all-new Premium Battle Pass, which features unique cosmetics and other items to unlock, such as gadgets and Multibucks, to help you get more out of the game. If you’re a fan of the competitive shooter, it’s a no-brainer. But how much is The Finals Battle Pass exactly?

How Much Does The Finals Premium Battle Pass Cost?

If you’d like to buy The Finals Battle Pass, expect to pay $9.99 or 1,150 Multibucks. Alternatively, you can purchase the more expensive Battle Pass, which includes 20 tier skips, for 2,500 Multibucks or $19.99. It dramatically reduces the number of levels you must unlock to complete the entire Battle Pass and earn each reward. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s valuable for those with less time to grind.

Of course, if you want to purchase the more expensive Battle Pass, the Multibucks you’ll earn throughout the season will not entirely cover the expense. You’ll have to buy Multibucks using real currency to make up the difference.

There’s a lot of new content in Season 3, and the Battle Pass is only one small part of that!

What’s Included in The Finals Season 3 Battle Pass?

The Finals Battle Pass Rewards
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In all, the Season 3 Battle Pass features:

  • 96 Rewards
  • 26 Free Rewards
  • 1575 Multibucks
  • Two Bonus Pages

You’ll earn enough Multibucks to purchase next season’s Battle Pass and a few other cosmetics to deck out your favorite class in new gear. That’s on top of the various rewards you’ll earn by completing challenges in-game. It’s worthwhile and, as far as Battle Passes go, rather rewarding.

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