What’s New in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley? – Answered

Fallout 76 Shenandoah National Park
Image via Bethesda

The day is finally upon us! After many years of massive content updates, culminating in one of the best online experiences around, it’s time for Fallout 76 to expand further. This time, to the south! But what’s new in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley?

Every Added to Fallout 76 With Skyline Valley

The most significant addition to Fallout 76 to date is the map expansion, which includes Skyline Valley—the southern reaches of the map—in an area known as Shenandoah National Park. It includes new points of interest to explore, idyllic C.A.M.P. plots, and a brand-new vault, Vault 63!

The expanded map is definitely the highlight, of course, but that’s not all. Skyline Valley includes an additional Public Event, Dangerous Pastimes, and a unique boss type, Storm Goliaths.

What Does Fallout 76 Season 17 Include?

Fallout 76 Season 17
Image via Bethesda

I truly cannot believe we’re already on Season 17 of Fallout 76. It doesn’t feel like that long, but here we are, toiling away in a brand-new zone, with unique challenges and rewards to unlock.

In this season, which features a Pioneer Scouts theme, we’ll enjoy four months of regular events, challenges, and updates, including:

  • Gold Rush
  • Double Mutations
  • Double Score
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Fasnacht

As for rewards, you can earn camping-themed items and cosmetics, which you can check out in greater detail here:

What’s In the Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Lost Treasures Bundle?

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Lost Treasures Bundle
Image via Bethesda

Should you wish to start off this season and map expansion the right way, Bethesda is now selling the Skyline Valley Lost Treasures Bundle for $29.99. It includes:

  • Weather Control Station (Skyline Valley)
  • V63 Power Armor & Jetpack Paint
  • Vault 63 Door Display
  • Moe the Mole Plushie
  • V63 Chassis Display Frame
  • Lightning Rod Pose

While certainly nothing game-altering, it’s a fun way to continue supporting the post-apocalyptic online game and enjoy a few in-game items and cosmetics with your friends!

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