Is Once Human PvP? – Answered

Once Human RPG
Image via Starry Studio

Once Human is shaping up to be one of the year’s most interesting open-world survival games; now, that’s saying something, considering the sheer number of crafting survival games we receive annually. But in this unique world, you’ll face monsters and more. So, is Once Human PvP?

Can You Play Once Human PvP?

Yes, you can play Once Human PvP. Developer Starry Studios specifically built the game to accommodate both types of players—PvE and PvP—by implementing different servers to suit either preference.

When selecting a server, check its “Type.” It’s the second column in the server browser, following the server’s name. You’ll note there are two: PvE and PvP. If you prefer fighting against other players while surviving against the various enemies and elements, choose a PvP server.

From personal experience with the game, I’ve found PvE far more popular, meaning way more players to interact with. You can’t fight them.

How PvP Works in Once Human

When you first start in Once Human, you’ll wake up in a cryo-sleep tank in an underground facility. It’s a short prologue meant to introduce you to the mechanics, give you free loot, and touch on some of the story through environmental storytelling and lore notes found in the world.

But once you finish the prologue, the game truly opens into a massive world. You’ll encounter zombies, SCP-like enemies like The Siren, and other players if you join a PvP server.

The thing is, you can’t immediately start shooting another player and expect a gun battle. You must hold “P’ on your keyboard, enter Chaos, and then you may attack other players and structures. At the same time, others can attack you. It’s similar to the PvP mechanics in Fallout 76.

Why should you PvP in Once Human? Alongside the thrill of fighting a competent player, there are also resources to consider. A human player will have better equipment and items to loot after a PvP battle, often better than what you’ll find in the game world!

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