Fallout 76: How to Complete Into Lands Unknown

Fallout 76 Vault 63 Entrance
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Following the initial distress beacon from Vault-Tec and your run-in with Alyssa at the Vault 63 door crash site, she’ll send you down south to uncover Vault 63 in earnest. It’s located in the Ash Heap, near the Garrahan Estate, and just a stone’s throw from the new map expansion, Skyline Valley. But first, you must complete Into Lands Unknown in Fallout 76!

Starting Into Lands Unknown in Fallout 76

Once you enter what remains of the Vault 63 entrance, you’ll immediately stumble upon your first Lost Dweller. They’re toiling away at a bit of scrap, paying no attention to you or its surroundings, so walk up and take care of business.

From there, head deeper inside what’s left of Vault 63. There isn’t much to explore, as the original Vault Dwellers locked themselves deeper inside to stop the spread of the Lost.

You’ll begin by clearing the first assault of Lost Dwellers and Ghouls. They’re not overly complicated to defeat, but once you reach the center and finish wiping out the initial group, you’ll immediately come under assault by two waves—one from either side.

  • Fallout 76 Vault 63 Lost
  • Fallout 76 Vault 63 Intercom

Once you finish mopping up any survivors, someone will buzz you from the intercom in the back room. Head over and speak to Hilda about continuing the quest. She’ll task you with visiting Skyline Valley down south to uncover the other Vault 63 entrance underneath Dark Hollow Manor in the center of the new zone.

Fallout 76 Craig
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But first, she points you toward a small shack inside Skyline Valley. Here, you’ll meet Craig from Foundation, who, alongside his ragtag group, came under attack by the Lost Dwellers. Craig asks for your help tracking down his lost crew, retrieving their personal effects, and returning to him so he may return to Foundation with a report.

Where to Find the Survivors’ Locations

You’re after three people: Miles, Rob, and Rebecca. You’ll find Miles near the lookout point east of Craig’s position, just up the road. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. You’ll find his body hanging over a chain fence, with numerous Bloodbugs surrounding the corpse.

  • Fallout 76 Miles
  • Fallout 76 Miles Hat

Clear the immediate area, then check the body. When prompted, you’ll place down a flare and then start searching for his personal effects. It’s a hat, and if you follow the blood trail leading to the edge of the cliff, you’ll find it’s likely fallen over the side to a ledge down below.

Next, up head further east down the road. There, you’ll find a tunnel; at the end, you’ll find Rob. He’s, unfortunately, met with an untimely demise, too. Inside the tunnel, you’ll encounter numerous Bloodbugs and other critters, so clear the way and place a flare beside Rob.

  • Fallout 76 Rob
  • Fallout 76 Rob's Journal

As for his item, you can find a journal approximately halfway inside the tunnel, by a lantern on the right-hand side, from Rob’s side of the tunnel.

Lastly, head down through the tunnel toward the opposite end from where you found Rob. Following this road will inevitably lead you to a dirt path snaking through the woods and toward Dark Hollow Manor. There, at the gate, you’ll discover Rebecca’s whereabouts.

You’ll find a pool of blood and a lantern on the ground by the entrance. Upon interacting with the puddle and placing down a flare for Craig, you’ll quickly get ambushed by a small horde of Lost Dwellers. They’re tough to deal with, but you can manage.

Fallout 76 Rebecca Holotags
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Once you clear the way, walk up the gate. Leaning up against the right-hand pillar, you’ll find a Lost corpse and a pair of holotags left behind by Rebecca. They glow slightly, making them easier to track.

Fallout 76 Dark Hollow Manor
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After scooping up the holotags, enter the gate and traverse the destroyed landscape to Dark Hollow Manor to complete Into Lands Unknown!

Into Lands Unknown Quest Rewards

For completing Into Lands Unknown, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Plan: Shenandoah Park Sign
  • Aid Items
  • Grenades
  • Caps
  • Experience Points

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