How Big is the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree File Size? – Answered

Shadow of the Erdtree Ability
Image via FromSoftware

While countless upcoming games have us in a perpetual state of excitement for this summer, few compare to the hype surrounding Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. The first and only expansion for FromSoftware’s monolithic action game, thankfully, won’t require our entire SSD to play. Here’s the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree file size to help you prepare!

How Big is the Shadow of the Erdtree Download?

To fully download and install Shadow of the Erdtree, you must have approximately 16GB of free space on an SSD. For comparison, Elden Ring requires 45GB for just the base game. In total, you’ll need ~61GB of free space for the main game and its DLC.

Overall, considering just how many hours you can squeeze out of the game, that’s seriously good value for the space requirements. We’re witnessing countless video games balloon in size, with Call of Duty and Destiny 2 proving to be the biggest offenders, requiring hundreds of GB of free space on your drive. It’s nice to have such a high-quality product that doesn’t eat space like candy.

How to Prepare for Shadow of the Erdtree

  • Take some time to track down key resources and materials, such as Smithing Stones, Bell Bearings, Grave Glovewort, and Ghost Glovewort. These upgrade materials allow you to improve your weapons and spirit ashes significantly before the difficulty spike in Shadow of the Erdtree.
  • You must defeat Mohg to access Shadow of the Erdtree. He’s weak to Bleed, Physical, and Poison Damage, so prioritize dishing those out during his boss fight to make quick work of the monstrosity.
  • While the DLC recommends you level to somewhere between 100 and 150, if you can defeat Mohg at a lower level, then you should be okay to access the new zone. If you want to feel safe and endure less of a challenge overall, level to 150 beforehand.

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