Is Stray on Game Pass? – Answered

Stray Cyberpunk City
Image via BlueTwelve Studio

Every now and then, an indie title that’s so unique comes along, and it blows us away. Stray is one such title. How many other games allow you to explore a dystopian cyberpunk city as a stray cat with a talking robot companion? I can’t think of any others. Everyone should enjoy this game, but with that in mind, is Stray on Game Pass?

Can You Play Stray on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Stray isn’t currently on Xbox Game Pass. There’s a chance it will come to Game Pass in the future, but it’s not there now. If you want to play the indie adventure game, you’ll have to buy a copy.

How Much is Stray on Xbox?

If you can’t miss out on Stray, you’ll be happy to know it’s not an overly expensive adventure game. You can purchase a copy of Stray on Xbox for $29.99, though publisher Annapurna Interactive often hosts sales in which the title goes as low as $19.97.

How Big is Stray?

Another huge plus to Stray is its relatively small file size. You can download the entire game, which only requires a little over 6GB of space on your system’s hard drive. I recommend downloading the game to an SSD on a PC for the best performance, as the city is quite detailed.

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