What is the New Expansion in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 Heroes
Image via ArenaNet

When discussing the MMORPG genre, one name usually gets mentioned due to its social, world, and mount mechanics. That game is Guild Wars 2. The free-to-play MMORPG continues to bring in crowds of players monthly, and those numbers will increase soon enough because of the recent Guild Wars 2 announcement. Here is what we know about the Guild Wars 2 new expansion coming later this year!

What is Guild Wars 2’s New Expansion?

The upcoming expansion to Guild Wars 2, Janthir Wilds, which launches August 20, features a whole lot of additional content to expand the MMORPG in all the right ways. Namely:

  • A new weapon — Spears
  • Player housing (Homestead)
  • Unique, challenging encounters
  • New storylines, quests, and characters

The Guild Wars 2 announcement trailer showcases plenty of new lands we’ll explore, including a bit on the brand-new weapon and even more on Homesteads. I can’t tell you how much I adore player housing in an MMORPG.

I may not play Guild Wars 2 frequently, perhaps once every few months, but this feature alone will ensure I return for the upcoming expansion!

How Much Does Janthir Wilds Cost?

Like with past Guild Wars 2 expansions, Janthir Wilds costs $24.99. For a reasonable price, players receive two unique zones: Lowland Shore and Janthir Syntri, probably the most distinctive of the two with its mystical storm systems rampaging through the zone.

Furthermore, we can tame a new mount type: Warclaws. Like other mounts in the game, Warclaws feature unique movement and traversal mechanics that we can enhance over time.

Lastly, the expansion features a few significant updates the team plans to launch between August 2024 and Summer 2025.

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