How to Check New World Server Population and Status

New World Frost Gauntlet
Image via Amazon Game Studios

The MMORPG genre has certainly enjoyed better days, with the overall popularity waning in recent years for most of the major titles on the scene. Take, for example, New World. It launched to a rough start, but quickly saw some resurgence with numerous content updates and the expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. But if you’re keen to try the game again, first check out the New World server population and status!

How to Check New World Players Online

If you’d like to know precisely how many players New World has across all its available servers, there’s a helpful website known as NWDB that shares such information with the public.

As of right now, the majority of players are in EU Central and US East. All other regions worldwide have relatively low numbers overall, with a few hundred available in most spots and just over 100 in AP Southeast playing the game.

New World boasts approximately 4,300 daily players, with some variation depending on the time.

How to Check New World Server Status

If you want to check the overall status of New World’s game servers, you can visit the game’s official website. They have a detailed server status page, which lists the current availability of servers in the following regions:

  • US West
    • El Dorado
    • Isabella
  • US East
    • Lilith
    • Maramma
    • Valhalla
  • SA East
    • Artorius
    • Devaloka
  • EU Central
    • Aru
    • Kronos
    • Nysa
  • AP Southeast
    • Delos
    • Sutekh

Currently, as of this writing, every New World server available today is active, online, and ready to welcome players into their loving MMORPG arms!

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