What is the XDefiant File Size? – Answered

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With game file sizes increasing annually, with the likes of Destiny 2 and Call of Duty requiring many hundreds of GBs of SSD space, it’s nice knowing precisely how much space the latest hit needs. With that in mind, what is the XDefiant file size?

How Many GBs is XDefiant?

Currently, XDefiant requires approximately 35GB of free space on an SSD, and that’s following its most recent update. If you’re playing the competitive first-person shooter on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, then you need 45GB to 50GB of hard drive space to download and install the game. It’s slightly bigger on the consoles, but not much so.

When you compare XDefiant to the staggeringly impressive Destiny 2: The Final Shape, which requests you have 300GB of space available to download the expansion, the 35GB isn’t all that terrible. Of course, we’d love to see file sizes drop significantly in the coming months and years, but that’s not happening.

Are the XDefiant Servers Down?

Following the game’s recent update, Y1S0.2, which didn’t affect the XDefiant file size too severely, the XDefiant servers went down for a brief period for the team to install the update on the server side and give everyone time to download the patch.

It’s a rather small but necessary patch, with numerous bug fixes, social optimizations, and miscellaneous tweaks that will certainly improve the game experience for everyone!

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