How to Unlock Dedsec in XDefiant

XDefiant, the latest free-to-play arena shooter from Ubisoft, continues to impress us. It’s taking the gaming world by storm by eliminating all the bells and whistles of modern competitive shooters. Instead, it’s just pure, old-school fun. A big part of that fun stems from the numerous unlocks you can score by playing the game. Here’s how to unlock Dedsec in XDefiant!

How to Open Dedsec in XDefiant

XDefiant features multiple factions, including Cleaners, Outcasts, Phantoms, Libertard, Echelon, and the highly coveted but currently locked Dedsec. To unlock Dedsec, you must acquire 700,000 XP by playing the game normally. Yeah, it’ll take a ton of time to acquire that amount of experience points.

XDefiant Dedsec Unlock
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

If you play relatively crappily, as I did in my first match, you can earn 7,000 or more XP. I managed to land the third spot on my team, so if you can rank higher, you’ll earn even more XP per match and unlock the final faction in the game sooner!

Is it worth the grind, though? Actually, yes! Dedsec offers numerous skills—Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate—that can change the outcome of a match in the right hands!

XDefiant Dedsec Faction Skills

Like the other factions in XDefiant, Dedsec features four distinct skills:

  • Hijack: The ability to hack enemy-deployed abilities and equipment, making them your own.
  • Spiderbot: A deployable Spiderbot that targets and stuns enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Fabricator: Once a device deploys on the battlefield, the Fabricator prints a new one every 15 seconds.
  • Lockout: Disables the enemy’s mini-map and abilities map-wide!

Fabricator is probably the weakest skill among the four, but it’s still useful. The other three, however, can wreck the enemy team in short order!

Either way, it’s worth your time and energy to unlock Dedsec in XDefiant!

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