Everything New Coming to Escape From Tarkov in 2024

Escape From Tarkov Scav Shotgunner
Image via Battlestate Games

Despite the growing popularity of the genre, there’s nothing quite like Escape From Tarkov in the extraction shooter scene. It’s one of the most complex and realistic FPS experiences on the market, and many of us can’t wait for more. Here is everything new coming to Escape From Tarkov in 2024…so far!

Everything Included in the Escape From Tarkov Roadmap for 2024

Currently, the available roadmap for Escape From Tarkov and EFT: Arena goes so far as August 2024. After that, it’s a mystery. Here’s what we know is coming to Escape From Tarkov in 2024, though:

  • June 2024
    • EFT & EFT: Arena Integration
    • Player Level and EXP Synchronization
    • Player Skills and Mastering Synchronization
    • New Trader – Arena Ref
    • Special In-Game Quests
    • New PMC Outfits at Ragman
    • New Unique Items
    • Expansions and Bonuses for EoD and TUE
    • PvE Matchmaking Improvements
    • Armor System Adjustments
    • PvE AI Improvements
    • Balancing Tweaks
    • Purchasable PvE Mode for All Editions
    • Quality-of-Life Improvements
    • In-Game Poll System
  • July 2024
    • New Map
    • New Game Mode (Attack-Defense Style)
    • Quality-of-Life Improvements
  • August 2024
    • New Game Content
    • Quality-of-Life Improvements
    • Technical Improvements
    • New Weapons
    • Hideout Expansion
    • Audio Optimization
    • FPS Optimization (All Locations)
    • Preset Customizations
    • Preset System Rework
Escape From Tarkov Mannequins
Image via Battlestate Games

As of right now, Escape From Tarkov is about to have a monumental summer. Personally, I can’t wait for the next map, quality-of-life improvements, new weapons to play around with, and the hideout expansion. I just want more content overall, as someone who has played regularly since 2017!

How Often Does Escape From Tarkov Wipe?

With so many unique changes on the table for Escape From Tarkov, one would expect countless wipes over the next few months, right? Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you like to play, nope. On average, Tarkov wipes once every five months, give or take, so around two per year.

The next EFT wipe is currently planned for sometime in August, though we don’t know an exact date yet!

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