Does Until Dawn Require a PSN Account on PC? – Answered

Until Dawn Main Character
Image via Ballistic Moon

Sony has a plan. It doesn’t involve Tahiti, though. Its goal is to launch a few exclusives on PC, then keep the sequels to said games on its console ecosystem. In turn, the company expects fans to buy a PlayStation 5 or, in the future, a PlayStation 6 to continue playing a franchise. Little do they know, we’re patient players. But those games that are coming to PC now have a few caveats to consider for many. Namely, does Until Dawn require a PSN account on PC?

Do You Need a PSN Account to Play Until Dawn on PC?

Unfortunately, right alongside God of War Ragnarok, Until Dawn requires a PSN account to play on PC. Despite being a single-player cinematic experience, Until Dawn features PlayStation Trophies and the new PlayStation Overlay, similar to the Xbox Overlay, requiring a constant play connection.

Even worse, over 120 countries worldwide cannot purchase or play any game with PSN requirements. PSN isn’t supported worldwide, only in approximately 70 countries.

What is Until Dawn?

Did you play The Quarry? If not, I recommend scooping it up on Steam, especially with the upcoming Steam Summer Sale dropping prices to ridiculous lows. In any case, it’s a cinematic horror experience in which you control a group of characters as they attempt to survive the night from untold horrors in the darkness. It’s not a direct sequel to Until Dawn, but they share many similarities in style and gameplay.

Until Dawn follows a group of friends as they venture into the wilderness, hoping for a camping getaway at an isolated lodge. Unfortunately, they’re not alone. You’ll control individual group members, making life-or-death decisions along the way and changing the tale’s outcome with every choice.

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