What is the Dynasty Warriors Origins Release Date?

It’s about time we received a brand-new Dynasty Warriors. I grew up playing the franchise alongside my brother. We’d often take turns playing as Liu Bei, competing to earn the most kills in the level. Now, it’s time for a new entry! But do we know the Dynasty Warriors Origins release date yet?

Do We Know the Dynasty Warriors Origins Release Date?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for Dynasty Warriors Origins. We know the game is coming to PlayStation 5 sometime in 2025, but that’s as close to a release window as we currently have for the action game.

The announcement trailer, which you can view above at your convenience, shows a number of iconic settings and characters from the long-running franchise. We’ll have more control over troops, and speaking of armies, there will be more soldiers on the screen at once.

It looks as if Dynasty Warriors Origins will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5!

What Characters Will Dynasty Warriors Origins Include?

It’s unclear precisely which characters will make an appearance in Dynasty Warriors Origins. However, if we look at past titles, we can make an informed guess about iconic playable characters, such as:

  • Liu Bei
  • Lu Bu
  • Guan Yu
  • Ma Chao
  • Zhao Yun
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Zhuge Liang
  • Zhang Liao
  • Zhou Yu
  • Cao Cao

Are there any characters from the franchise that you’d like to see?

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