Private Division Terminates Publishing Deal With Bloober Team For Project C

bloober team project C

Bloober Team is looking for a new publisher for its new unannounced survival horror game, known as Project C, after Take-Two Interactive’s Private Division has reportedly canceled its publishing deal with the studio.

As first spotted by MauroNL on Twitter, the terms of the termination are being negotiated. Bloober Team is also looking for another publisher for the game, which is expected to be a brand new IP from the Polish studio.

The deal between Bloober Team and Private Division was signed back in September 2021. That deal included an option for Private Division to cancel without reason, according to MauroNL.

The cancellation comes amid Take-Two Interactive’s announced plans to cancel multiple games.

As of publishing, neither Take-Two Interactive or Bloober Team have commented on the termination. Insider Gaming has reached out to both parties for comment. Should a response be received, it’ll be added to this story.

Currently, Bloober Team is still working on the Silent Hill 2 remake that is expected to be sometime in 2024.

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  1. Take Two should end Private Division and focus on remaking and reviving old games GTA trilogy, Manhunt, Midnight Club, things like that and finally getting Mafia 4 out. Bloober Team could just go to Microsoft they killed Tango so they could use another horror title since OD and Project Mara are still far away.

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