Is Hypercharge Unboxed on Game Pass? – Answered

Hypercharge Unboxed Toy Soldiers
Image via Digital Cybercherries

A little indie game is taking the gaming world by storm right now. By little, I mean the size of your character because you play as a toy in Hypercharge Unboxed. The recent shooter, which is phenomenal, by the way, is available on PC and Xbox. But can you play Hypercharge Unboxed on Game Pass?

Can You Play Hypercharge Unboxed on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, while the game is available to purchase and play on Xbox, Hypercharge Unboxed is not yet available on Xbox Game Pass. Could that change in the future? Certainly, but there’s no word about a Game Pass release for the multiplayer shooter.

How Much is Hypercharge Unboxed?

If you can’t wait for Hypercharge Unboxed on Game Pass, you can buy the indie shooter for relatively cheap. It’s certainly not the cheapest indie game on the market, but it’s a lot of fun for the price tag.

  • Standard Edition ($29.99)
    • Hypercharge Unboxed
  • Complete Edition ($39.99)
    • Hypercharge Unboxed
    • Supporter Pack
    • Breaker & Mightus Pack

How Big is Hypercharge Unboxed?

Being an indie game, we don’t expect a massive file size for Hypercharge Unboxed. Thankfully, that’s true. The game requires just under 8GB of space on your system, and it benefits from an SSD due to the competitive shooter aspect of its gameplay.

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