Fortnite LEGO Mode To Feature A Ninjago Dojo

Fortnite LEGO Mode Ninjago

The Fortnite LEGO mode will feature a Ninjago Dojo place of interest for players, according to known Fortnite leaker HypeX on Twitter.

The report also claims that there’s the potential for a “skins collab in the future” featuring Ninjago.

“The Fortnite LEGO mode will have a “Ninjago Dojo” POI (place of interest) and some other places related to Ninjago, which most likely paves the way for a skins collab in the future,” the post reads.

To back up the claims, another user posted a look at multiple LEGO Ninjago files already in the Fortnite game files. These include references to the aforementioned Ninjago Dojo place of interest. There are also other files you’d expect to find such as sounds for various elements like doors of different sizes being opened and closed.

The Fortnite LEGO mode launches on December 7 across all regions.

What do you think of a Ninjago Dogo and other Ninjago places being a part of the Fortnite LEGO mode? Let us know in the comments what else you’re hoping to see from the mode.

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