Mass Effect Team Join Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Development

In a new report by GamesBeat, it’s been revealed that the Mass Effect team has joined with the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf to help with the polishing stage.

In a statement to GamesBeat, Gary McKay, BioWare general manager, said, “Our studio is focused on creating the best Dragon Age: Dreadwolf while the core Mass Effect team continues their pre-production work.”

McKay continued, “We continue to iterate and polish Dreadwolf, focusing on the things that matter most to our fans. As we further connect this new experience with the series’ legacy Mark Darrah will join the team as a consultant, bringing with him years of experience working on Dragon Age. We’re proud to have this team, with strong leadership at the helm, working together to realize the vision we have for the game.”

In addition to the news, it’s also been revealed that Former BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah has returned to work on the game as a consultant.

McKay previously said in a blog post that the Dreadwolf team hit alpha last fall and Insider Gaming reported in February new details on what Dreadwolf entails. Shortly after our report, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay and images leaked online, presumably from an Alpha playtest.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf currently hasn’t got a set release date, but in our past report we believe the game is slated for a 2024 release.

When do you think Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will release?

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