MultiVersus To Shut Down Ahead Of Full Launch In 2024


Player First Games has revealed that the MultiVersus‘ Open Beta will close on June 25 ahead of the game’s full launch in 2024.

The decision was addressed in a video posted to the MultiVersus Twitter account which featured Player First Games CEO, Tony Huynh, further details were revealed in a blog post on the official MultiVersus website.

Hunyh thanks players for their support during MultiVersus’ Open Beta phase and cites the period as a “learning opportunity and a stepping stone” for the team to incorporate feedback into the final product.

What’s Going To Happen In Multiversus?

The key areas that the team will be addressing as they move onto the next stage of development will be additions to the roster, new maps and match modes along with further improvements to matchmaking. While the Beta is offline, all updates will be paused and online modes will be unavailable. Players will still have limited access to the training room as well as local multiplayer and the cosmetic items they’ve unlocked.

The team also confirmed that the current Season 2 Battle Pass will now extend past March 31 and will conclude when the Open Beta closes. Daily missions will continue to be added that will allow players to gain Battle Pass points but Weekly Seasona Milestones will no longer be included after March 31.

All progress or previously earned content will be carried over to the final game when MultiVersus launches in earnest in 2024. This includes Gleamium, Battle Pass Tokens, Character Tickets, and any other in-game item.

If you’re hoping to try out MultiVersus before the Beta closes then you’ll have to be quick as the game will be removed from digital stores and unavailable for download after April 4, Gleamium will be removed from sale on the same day. If MultiVersus is included in your library then you’ll still be able to play the game after April 4 even if the game was previously uninstalled.

Are you disappointed to see MultiVersus removed from digital stores?

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