Exclusive – New Details on Dragon Age Dreadwolf Revealed

Insider Gaming sources, who have spoken to Insider Gaming under the request of anonymity have said that Dragon Age Dreadwolf might be further away than previous rumors have suggested.

The development of Dreadwolf began in 2015 and has seen significant changes over its eight-year development, but EA is still yet to issue a release date for the title. Previous rumors have suggested the game could release in 2023, but the information provided to Insider Gaming suggests that the date could be rather optimistic.

Sources, who have knowledge of the game and its progress, have said that the game still lacks features, completed character lines, and still contains the remnants of the game’s past, which abruptly change direction in early 2021. According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, Dragon Age Dreadwolf pivoted from its planned multiplayer components to a single-player experience.

Two sources have revealed that some of those multiplayer components are still ‘sensed’ to some degree in the current build of the game – with one source saying “the game felt a bit like Destiny with a central hub where players could probably regroup before heading into the next mission”. The games hub, though, will still play a vital role in Dreadwolf in its single-player format.

Dreadwolf follows a similar gameplay loop to its predecessors, which will involve recruiting and growing your crew, whom you’ll encounter by completing missions. Your recruited crew will populate your hub, where you can give them different pieces of equipment and modifications as your progress throughout the game. It’s understood that you’ll be able to move from your hub to missions by passing through a mirrored portal.

As for combat, one source, who recently played the game, suggested that it was more akin to a hack n’ slash compared to past games, and the game’s combat wheel is similar to that of the one in Final Fantasy 15. As for your crew, it was said that you currently cannot control them and only select the ability they can cast in combat.

As for when Dragon Age Dreadwolf will release is anyone’s guess – but missing voice lines and placeholder text likely suggests it’s a bit further back than originally rumored. No actual dates from sources were given to Insider Gaming, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the game releases in 2024.

A lot more details were provided to Insider Gaming, but we were unable to get sufficient corroboration and will report as more sources come forward.

Insider Gaming reached out to EA before the publication of this report but did not receive a comment.

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  1. A game in development is in development. Truly shocking news. I don’t think you have any idea how games are made nor you ever played any BioWare game (central hub? how shocking again!).

  2. I wish would make it like the first Dragon Age Orgins. That the game will all love. Just update that with current gen and have it be open world.

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