New Details On IndyCar Game Features

New IndyCar Game Features, Screenshots, and Trailer

As development continues on the title, Insider Gaming has learned new details about features in the upcoming IndyCar game from Motorsport Games.

The main mode of the game will be Championship Mode. This mode will see players complete a full IndyCar season with the goal of winning an IndyCar Series championship as well as unlocking various cosmetic rewards. In addition to Championship Mode, there will be “Quickplay” and “Online” modes for players.

Customization will also be a part of IndyCar and will include custom helmets for drivers. Lastly, the game will feature a fully-functioning photo mode for players.

As far as specific types of online racing, that information wasn’t provided as many details haven’t been finalized or fully implemented yet.

A look at the IndyCar main menu from an earlier build of the game.

With the game still in development, things within the game are likely to change. The build that was shown is from October with a new one expected to be pushed for testing in the near future. The main menu we were shown has also recently been changed, per sources.

Motorsport Games IndyCar Game is scheduled to launch in 2023. Multiple people close to the game’s development have indicated that the current internal plan is to release in late spring or early summer, likely in June or July. That hasn’t been finalized, however, as the company continues to sort out its financial situation.

“There’s always the likelihood of it pushing to later in the season,” one person said. “But it is coming this year, and during the IndyCar season.”

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  1. Looks like a piece a toy crap that PENSKE is trying to pass off as a toy games instead of a real sim like iRacing. Way to f this up indycrap!

  2. Looking like trash to me! As a hard core IndyCar driver….who has been demoted to simply an open wheel driver this is a very bad joke! NO ONE WILL EVER TOP iRcaing….PERIOD!!!

  3. I don’t expect anything but garbage and will not buy under any circumstance.
    Motorsport Games is the bane of sim racing and Indycar were fools to sign away their soul to these crooks.

  4. Vaporware. If, –that’s a huge IF — we get something this year it’s just going to be reskinned Suckfactor, AGAIN!

    Penske really screwed the pooch on this one. I wonder what type of get-out clause(s) are in that contract? If they were smart they’d done like NASCAR & let Motorsport Games handle the console and arcade type games that iRacing has zero interest in anyway. That still gives the kiddies something to enjoy plus doesn’t pissoff their series most hardcore fans.

    Oh well better luck next time…

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