Codemasters, Developer of F1 and WRC, Hit With Layoffs

codemasters layoffs

UPDATE: In a small update on the layoffs at Codemasters, sources tell Insider Gaming that the company’s QA team has seen a bulk of the layoffs. It’s unclear just how many were let go or if more departments were impacted.

One employee who was let go had spent the last 12 years with Codemasters.

ORIGINAL: With the year coming to a close, another studio is being hit by layoffs as Codemasters is the latest developer to suffer that fate.

EA confirmed the layoffs at the studio in a statement to IGN. The company didn’t, however, disclose how many employees are being let go.

EA Statement:

“Our business is constantly changing as we strive to deliver amazing games and services that keep our players engaged, connected, and inspired. At times, this requires the company to make small-scale organizational changes that align our teams and resources to meet evolving business needs and priorities. We continue to work closely with those affected by these changes, providing appropriate support throughout this process.”

EA purchased Codemasters in 2021 for $1.2 billion. Since the acquisition, Codemasters lost its CEO and CFO as well as saw the end of the Project Cars franchise.

Insider Gaming has reached out directly to Codemasters for comment on the layoffs. Should a response be received, it will be added to this story.

What do you think of more layoffs in the gaming industry during what many consider to be the “best year for gaming”? For more Insider Gaming, read about the next game in development from Payday 3 developer Starbreeze.

  1. Can they make anything outside racing games? How about bringing something like SSX back or Burnout racing games but a bit different.

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