Raven Software Had To Disable ‘OP’ Snowballs Thanks to Dr Disrespect

dr disrespect snowballs

It might have been a sheer coincidence, but hours after Dr Disrespect posted a viral clip showing him being killed by snowballs in Warzone’s Gulag, Raven Software disabled them entirely. In case you’ve never played the game, the ‘Gulag’ is where players go when they’re killed in the game, giving them a chance to get back into the action by winning a one-on-one fight.

Since Warzone was released, players have been able to hurl stones at one another in the Gulag, and that includes spectators throwing them at the fighters. In full festive spirit, Raven Software changed the stones, replacing them with snowballs, but as Dr Disrespect’s latest viral clips showed, they’re the most overpowered snowballs you’ll ever see.

Turn Them Off!

Here’s the clip of Dr Disrespect being pelted to death by snowballs:

With 2.3 million views, the clip was a glaring exposé at how overpowered snowballs were in the Gulag – before Raven Software promptly disabled them. Hilariously, The Two Time wasn’t even able to move before he was slammed with a series of hard-hitting snowballs, which presents an obvious and inane flaw.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen plenty of rage clips caused by poor timing in the Gulag – particularly by mismatches in the countdown. There have been several situations in which one player has had their countdown ‘start later’ than their opponent, meaning they’re instantly put at a disadvantage and left standing still while their enemy charges across the room.

I don’t know, maybe the entire Gulag should be scrapped in favour of something new… It has been almost four years, after all.

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