Insomniac Is Using Internet Providers To Issue DMCA Notices

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It shouldn’t need to be said but don’t download and play the early build of Wolverine that’s now out in the wild. If you do, you’re in direct violation of copyright law, and as recent posts on social media platforms have shown, you’re very easily tracked.

On Twitter, posts have recently started surfacing showing DMCA notices being issued by Insomniac Games through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast. It’s far too easy for these corporations to monitor your online activity, and that of course includes illegally downloading and sharing in-development builds of games that were leaked during a data heist.

They’ll Find You

In one post that surfaced on Twitter, it was stressed by Comcast:

The copyright owner has identified the IP address associated with your Xfinity internet account at the time as the source of the infringing works … We remind you that use of our service in any manner that constitutes an infringement of any copyrighted work is a violation of Comcast’s DMCA policy and may result in the termination of your service and account.

In the DMCA notice, everything from the time and date of the download to the specific filename of the dev build was recorded – absolutely nothing slips past your ISP.

It was just days ago that more than a terabyte of stolen data was aired from Insomniac Games by a ransomware group that failed to secure any funds for the content. This included roadmaps, dev builds, code, and the personal information of employees past and present. The act was slammed by thousands online and in the days that followed, countless spoilers for the upcoming Wolverine game were spread like wildfire over social media.

PSA: Don’t illegally download stolen data.

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  1. I hope Comcast goes broke and fuck Insomniac no different than Naughty Dog who did similar things a few years ago

  2. They have money for this but are laying off thousands of employees but can pay to DMCA and have internet companies do it too? Fuck Sony #BoycottSony #BoycottComcast

  3. I’m all for piracy. But anyone who in any way supports or takes advantage of blackmailers and ransomware gangs leaks should get fucked in the ass. We’re talking about hospital attackers. As shitty as dmcaing is, it’s awesome to see it being used for this. Just a slap in the wrist.

    1. No it doesn’t this infringes rights if the leak is out already we will talk about it typical pony talk

  4. This is one of the pros of living in the country where my tiny ISP does not send out DMCA notices whatsoever. Bliss. Not that I would be pirating any of this stuff as playing an early build doesn’t sound fun at all.

  5. Hmm, copyright law has absolutely nothing to do with playing a game you legally downloaded (which, unless you are using torrents and also UPloading the content, is legal, itself). These greedy fucks are just using threats to coerce compliance. Under federal law, you are allowed to receive any broadcast, no matter the source, while the actual broadcasting of a signal is what can be regulated. If I find a movie file online and download it? Perfectly legal! You give me a copy of a movie and I play it? Totally legal! You lend me your XBox and I watch a movie you’ve stolen? Gloriously legal! Copyright covers the duplication or public broadcast of media.

    Now on the other hand, completing a movie and then deciding you’d probably make more by shelving it? Hmmm, guess we’ll see what the courts have to say about WB/D trying to dump that Road Runner movie. Wasteful Boomers/DickHovering needs to learn from this mistake.

  6. It’s funny how people are crying because they aren’t allowed to play a stolen and illegal copy of a game haha,. Clowns,.

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