The Day Before Is Out And It’s Already ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ On Steam

Fntastic The Day Before

It’s here – The Day Before has finally been released (in early access) by FNTASTIC. However, despite the studio’s best interests and most wholesome, heartfelt messages to the community, it seems that not all is well in the world of The Day Before. On Steam, just an hour after being released, the game is rated as ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’, for several key reasons.

That Was Fast

Update: The Day Before is now ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ with 86% of the 2,198 reviews speaking sorely about the game.

It seems that there are more than a few teething issues with The Day Before, which up until recently, nobody believed was real. It’s out there in the open and available to play now – but for many prospective fans of the shady, beleaguered game, that’s not possible. There are widespread issues with servers – reportedly, it’s almost impossible to get into the game because of instability and a lack of capacity.

Even Dr Disrespect failed to get into a game whilst streaming to 50,000 viewers.

According to some of the earliest reviews, there are plenty of things to complain about.

  • ‘Seems like the game still isn’t released, You get to create your character with very limited customization options. Just to get brought to a server list where every single server is full without the option to queue.’ – Wadicus
  • ‘The UI broke the second I logged in. Then couldn’t connect to a server. When I finally got into a server I fell through the map and died. Do not play this game’ – SirAngryStoic
  • ‘Game cannot properly scale resolution, graphics are bad, like “I tried to make a game in middle school” bad, the inventory system and sound effects are pure garbage.’ – Moon_Boi
  • ‘Lack of servers, I can’t get past the first door, lack of fov and options for display. Also looks and runs terrible on high end PC’s. This game is also online only so good luck if they shut down servers or don’t add anymore later’ – leakedjoerogannutpics

Because The Day Before is in early access, most of these complaints will be glossed over and met with counter-claims of ‘it’s a work in progress’, which is ultimately fair enough. At the time of writing, there are almost 500 reviews on Steam, and only 21% of those are regarded as being positive.

Are you going to give the game a try?

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  1. I think people are forgetting the fact that this is a 100+ dev studio. Ppl are comparing it games released by triple AAA studios, w/20k plus employees.

    They gotta fix the lighting and do something with the color palette on the cities. It looks dull.

  2. Well maybe .if they released on ps5 we would’ve gave a better review..not all of us have pc!!

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