Kingdom Come: Deliverance Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024

kingdom come deliverance

Warhorse Studios has revealed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is being ported to Nintendo Switch (through a collaboration with Saber Interactive), and it’ll be arriving on the console in early 2024. For those not in the know, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most authentic open-world RPGs to emerge in recent years, fusing a real-world setting and story with intense, realistic combat, survival elements, and a handful of well-crafted expansions that broaden an already expansive base game.

And it’s coming to Nintendo Switch – amazingly.

Kingdom Coming

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a brilliant game through and through. It’s a moderately challenging and thoroughly believable game that wastes no time when it comes to immersing the player in an intense, emotional story. It’s about as realistic as it gets, with Warhorse Studio having crafted a vast, open world that is almost a like-for-like mirror of the game’s true, real-world setting.

It was revealed today that via a partnership with Saber Interactive, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition is making its way to Nintendo Switch in just a few months.

That’s the special edition of the game that boasts all the expansions that have been released since the game dropped in 2018. If the base game wasn’t enough, these expansions offer hours of entertainment, which includes the ability to craft – from the ground up – a medieval settlement, building by building.

It’s not yet known how it’ll run on Nintendo Switch, but Insider Gaming spoke directly with a representative from Warhorse Studios who confirmed positive things about the gameplay on the handheld device.

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