Spider-Man 2 Update Allows Access to Dev Menu, Possibly Teases DLC

marvel's spider-man 2

In a new Twitter post, Insomniac Games addressed a hiccup in the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update that allows players to access a development menu.

Insomniac Games explains that there is “a hotfix on the way”, but using this menu could potentially “corrupt your saves and trophy progress”.

Still, fans exploring the update quickly took to reddit after discovering references to a potential new character in Spider-Man 2’s unexpected menu.

These spoilers align with discoveries from the Insomniac Leak, suggesting that new Bettle DLC might be on the way. They also indicate that the Beetle would be Janice Lincoln, the more recent iteration of Beetle.

Insomniac assured fans today that “there is no risk associated with playing the game as intended”.

Insomniac Games first announced today’s update last month. It introduces the highly requested New Game+, all-new suits, and accessibility features like Audio Descriptions.

Despite the mix-up with its development menu, Insomniac Games has not officially confirmed anything about future DLC. The Beetle content in question may also remain unused.

However, if this does turn out to be true, that could possibly lend credibility to some of the other leaks that surfaced last year.

In December 2023, a ransomware group leaked over 1.3 million files. These leaks mentioned other potential characters coming to the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues to thrive as one of PlayStation’s biggest new hits. In mid-February, Insomniac Games announced that the game sold over 10 million copies. In fact, the game sold half of that in just ten days.

PlayStation recently decided to lay off 900 employees from its global workforce. Insomniac Games issued an official response last week, calling the move “a solemn and unprecedented moment for our studio”.

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