Insomniac Games Addresses PlayStation Layoffs

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Yesterday, it was revealed that Sony plans to wipe out around 900 employees from the global PlayStation roster, eliminating roughly 8% of the workforce. It was a terrible strike of news that hit an already wounded industry and added more weight to the thousands of layoffs already made in the last year.

Several studios were impacted by these layoffs, including Insomniac Games. Recently, the studio reached out on social media with a statement addressing the situation.

‘They Will Be Missed’

On Twitter, Insomniac Games posted a sombre statement about Sony’s latest devastating wave of layoffs:

Like several other teams across SIE and PlayStation Studios, Insomniac Games was impacted by yesterday’s layoffs. There are no sufficient words to express our feelings about it. This is a solemn and unprecedented moment for our studio.

We are focusing our energy on helping everyone affected through this challenging time. For those who are hiring, there are great people seeking new roles who made important contributions to Insomniac’s history. We’re extremely grateful for them and they will be missed.

Most recently, Insomniac Games was in the news following a data breach that aired the company out in the open, revealing roadmaps, internal projects, and all manner of information from games past, present, and future.

Alongside Insomniac Games, the likes of Firesprite and London Studio were also impacted heavily, with the latter studio potentially being closed completely.

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  1. The question is does this delay their games? Venom, Wolverine, R&C, and Spider-Man 3? My guess is yes maybe by a year so 2026, 2027, 2029, and 2030 I forget when X-Men was supposed to come out

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