Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update Announced For March 7th

marvel's spider-man 2

According to a new post on Twitter, Insomniac Games will release a major new update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on March 7th.

The post reveals this update will add “New Game+, new suits, and more”.

Insomniac first announced New Game Plus in December, but only confirmed a release window for “early 2024”.

Today’s post added that further details with “a complete list of features” are coming closer to the release date. This could also include the precise time the update will roll out.

Fans expected Insomniac Games to add new skins, and there are certainly plenty of classics to choose from. Cosmetics can provide excellent fan service.

However, players have requested the New Game Plus feature since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 first launched in October 2023. This will allow players to run through the game again, so it’s a major addition.

Although Spider-Man 2 offers plenty of content, the game was a massive hit. It took the world by storm, selling 5 million copies in just ten days.

PlayStation’s first themed console in a very long time also featured Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The company even claimed it was their fastest-selling exclusive.

So, most fans have likely completed the full campaign by now, including casual gamers.

It’s unclear what some of the other new content could be. But it should be enough to justify another run when the Spider-Man 2 update arrives.

Files found in the recent Insomniac leak also hint that a Beetle-themed DLC could be in the works. But the studio has not confirmed anything about that DLC.

Insomniac Games released a free trial for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 this week, available to PlayStation Plus Premium members.

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