Spider-Man 2 Sold 5 Million Copies in Ten Days

spider-man 2 sold

In a comprehensive financial report published by Sony recently, it was revealed that Spider-Man 2 sold a whopping five million copies in ten days. By comparison, it took more than 100 days for 2018’s Spider-Man game to hit the same milestone – on the financial report. In the final note on that title, Sony confirmed that by the end of July 2019, Marvel’s Spider-Man had shifted some 13.2 million copies.

Superhuman Performance

In the financial report posted by Sony, a full breakdown of all the ecosystem’s first-party titles was offered up. It was stated that within 75 days of being on the market, God of War Ragnarok sold 11 million copies, and within 118 days, Ghost of Tsushima sold 5 million copies. It took The Last of Us Part II just three days to sell 4 million copies, and by the end of November 2021, Horizon Zero Dawn had sold a whopping 20 million copies across PlayStation 4 and PC.

Spider-Man 2 remains consistent in the charts and is still selling well, and 5 million copies in ten days is no small feat. There are few first-party PlayStation titles to have reached those lofty heights in the last eight or nine years, according to the report.

Have you picked up Spider-Man 2 yet or are you waiting for a Black Friday discount?

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