Spider-Man 2 New Game+ Announced For Early 2024

marvel's spider-man 2

Insomniac Games is planning to add New Game+ to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in early 2024, according to a new tweet.

The team is also working on other notable features that still “require more testing”. Some examples include tendril color swaps, changing the time of day, and replaying missions.

The full list of the big update’s features will be confirmed “closer to its release”. The features that were revealed today partly suggest that Insomniac Games has been focusing on quality of life.

Today’s announcement hints at a fairly large update, using phrases like “among many more” and “just to name a few”.

So, it makes sense that the post is cautiously optimistic about the release window. Insomniac Games left a lot of room for potential delays, if necessary. And they deserve all the time they need.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the biggest games of the year, and even sold 5 million copies in just ten days. So, any update will naturally need a lot of care to meet the same expectations.

Further, fans were concerned at first glance. Many were likely expecting some kind of official delay for any new content, in light of recent events.

Most are glued to Insomniac Games’ socials for an official response regarding the recent ransomware attack.

There have been a variety of leaks. That includes document images which suggest Insomniac Games could be working on a Spider-Verse game, or at least relevant content in Spider-Man 2.

It would certainly make sense for Insomniac Games to actively pursue that angle, which has already found success with the animated films.

Hopefully, the severe ransomware issues will be resolved soon, so that Insomniac Games can focus on development.

For more on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you can read about the claims that the game only features 10 percent of Venom’s recorded dialogue.

  1. Someone needs to make a Venom game with the traditional Eddie Brock not this Harry stuff. I’m fine with an alternate universe Venom game that has him as the main Venom where it has the traditional backstory.

    1. So many people have hosted Venom (and Carnage as well). They eventually always go back to the original, but gameplay wise, what we got and will likely get is no different if it was Eddie as host.

      1. In this game Eddie doesn’t exist and if he randomly showed up now it would make no sense since there’s no prior background with him and Peter. Play the second game you’ll see why if they make a Venom game in that universe why it won’t make sense. Eddies character is way better than this loser Harry they made.

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