Spider-Man 2 Featured ‘Only 10%’ of Venom’s Recorded Dialogue

venom spider-man 2

For some, it might feel like Venom didn’t get enough exposure in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which was released midway through October 2023. However, there are rumours circulating regarding a follow-up title or a spin-off that’ll focus almost entirely on the chaotic character. There might be more in store, though, as it was recently revealed through a panel at FAN Expo 2023 in San Francisco that as much as 90% of Venom’s recorded dialogue may have have been cut from the base game.

Where Did It Go?

In a post on Twitter, Evan Filarca, who was attending a panel at FAN Expo in San Francisco, captured a snippet from Tony Todd, the voice of Venom. It was claimed that Insomniac dropped around 90% of his recorded dialogue, opting to only feature a small portion of it in the finished base game.

No further context was offered, so it’s impossible to say where this dialogue was cut from. It could have been from planned sequences where the player assumes control of Venom, or it could be legitimately cut as the studio pulled back from making Venom a more prominent character in the sensational superhero title.

It’s heavily rumoured that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Venom, though. Perhaps those lines will resurface at some point in the future.

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