Update on Fntastic, Eight Points Name Change

Fntastic Eight Points

When Fntastic announced that it was closing its doors, it appeared as though the company might have been trying to pull a fast one over on consumers when it was noticed that a game it had developed returned the developer’s name to the Eight Points.

In an update to the situation, it appears that Fntastic had nothing to do with the change.

HypeTrain Digital, the publisher of The Wild Eight, responded to the name change concern in a statement released to Eurogamer. According to the publisher, the change was made after the game started getting a massive amount of negative reviews when Fntastic’s other game, The Day Before, was released.

“Fntastic was the original developer of The Wild Eight, but after the game’s release in Early Access, the developers decided to discontinue work on the project due to internal reasons within the studio,” the publisher told the outlet. “Hypetrain Digital took over the development independently. All business relations with Fntastic were terminated in 2017.

“Following the release of The Day Before on December 7, 2023, a wave of negative reviews for The Wild Eight began, unrelated to the game itself but associated with the original development studio, Fntastic. Yesterday, we made the decision to remove any mention of the developer Fntastic from the game’s page.”

As of now, the last public statements made by Fntastic, aside from announcing its closure, are replies to angry gamers on Twitter telling them that “shit happens”.

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