Fntastic Appears To Have Simply Changed Its Name To Eight Points

Fntastic Eight Points

UPDATE: Insider Gaming has an update on the name change for The Wild Eight from Fntastic back to Eight Points.

ORGINAL: On Monday it was announced that developer Fntastic was closing its doors just four days after releasing The Day Before in early access. But that may not actually be the case. According to data scraped via SteamDB, Fntastic appears to have changed its name on the platform to “Eight Points”.

Thanks to an uncovered Steam post from a Reddit user Tenith, it appears that Eight Points was the name of the studio before it changed its name to Fntastic.

Insider Gaming has reached out to The Day Before publisher Mytona for comment on the apparent name change of Fntastic, and if the studio did shut its door as it claimed. So far, no response has been received.

As of writing, all YouTube uploads as well as the Twitter account of Fntastic CEO Eduard Gotovtsev, have been deleted.

The latest update from Mytona is that it will work with Steam to provide refunds to all players of The Day Before who choose to request one. They also say they were “in contact” with Fntastic to discuss the future of the game.

What do you think of the appearance of Fntastic simply changing its name to Eight Points on Steam? For more Insider Gaming, you can read all about the latest details for the Tekken 8 demo.

  1. This feels like a scummy tactic for them to just hide their past failures/ abandoned games from prospective viewers who know nothing about them.

    1. Well here’s the thing: we don’t know if the backlash was turning into a physical security risk or even a serious mental health issue. If it was a matter of personel safety, then I wouldn’t mind a name change, because you can’t stop a mob of people. For all we know, these could be a very talented group of devs who just made mistake, or had bad cards.

  2. This is typical of scammers, they make their sale, cut and run, then rebrand and sell again. The Singaporean government needs to find these brothers and bury them with litigation.

  3. While I agree it seems cowardly, it can also be a safety issue for their members who are likely receiving death threats (you know how crazy people can be) while the better option was to wait it out, if they’re really getting hit hard with intolerable hate mail then we should just give them space to recover.

  4. false flag, the devs from eight points just want to distance themselves from fntastic after the scam they pulled off. look into mytona and fntastics holding companies to get a glimpse what a massive stockmarket fraud this was (short selling 😉

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