Meta Quest Adds Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Meta Quest 3 System

Meta Quest has officially rolled out access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta today, following the announcement from last September.

According to an official blog, the service will be available on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets.

Players will need to have the latest software update for their device, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, a supported controller, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming app.

Once you’ve jumped through these hoops, you can enjoy Game Pass titles on “a massive virtual 2D display” without an Xbox console or TV.

Today’s Meta blog also mentions there will be four display sizes to choose from. You can alternate between physical and virtual space when you play.

This flexibility should help players who are more comfortable when they can distinguish their surroundings. However, it would be nice if users could customize their display sizes a bit more.

Naturally, this ambitious service will also be limited by your internet connection. So, some titles may be tougher to run than others.

This may affect the true mobility of the device, although Meta emphasizes how effective and convenient this service would be on the go.

Meta added that PlayStation 5 controller support is “coming in the future”. They did not confirm a release date, and the careful wording implies this feature may not be added anytime soon.

For now, players can use Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. This is already a decent variety to choose from, so most players should get the chance to jump in today.

But PS5 support should be worth the wait, since the DualSense controllers’ haptic features would add a lot. It also pairs nicely with virtual reality gaming, since haptics also improve immersion.

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