Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 May be Getting a Beetle DLC

Spider-Man 2 Overworld Trailer

Newly found files following the Insomniac leak suggest that Beetle may be coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as a DLC in the future.

First spotted by Twitter user @zvis_ceral, the files suggest that Insomniac had Beetle planned as a DLC, which would include new missions, enemies, and a boss battle. Beetle fought Spider-Man on a couple of different occasions in the comic book series.

It’s unclear whether or not the Beetle DLC will actually come to fruition and be released in the game though, as the files could be outdated and the recent hack could have changed internal plans.

Following the hack, Insomniac responded by saying, “However, like Logan….Insomniac is resilient. Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned“, but the company did not delve into its other planned games and DLC content.

Other planned games that leaked following the hack included a Venom game scheduled for FY 2025, Spider-Man 3 in FY 2028, a new Ratchet and Clank in FY 2029, and an X-Men game in FY 2030.

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