PSA: The Xbox ‘Mass Content Deletion’ Rules Go Live This Week

xbox content deletion

As of January 9, the new rules regarding content uploaded to the Xbox Network will go live, which means that any captures (screenshots and video clips) stored on the platform for more than 90 days will be automatically scrubbed from the system. This is part of a new policy that has assumedly been put in place to reduce strain on Microsoft’s servers, and it impacts every single Xbox user that has ‘historic’ captures sitting there in the Xbox Network.

Prepare To Say Farewell

If you don’t back up your captures that are more than 90 days old (and that’s a rolling window), then you’ll lose them from tomorrow, January 9 – it’s that simple. It hasn’t been confirmed if it’ll be an instant, complete wipe or a wave of deletions, but one thing is for certain: your content will be deleted.

How can you protect your old Xbox clips?

  1. Upload them to the OneDrive platform and access them there
  2. Transfer them to external storage – a hard drive or a flash drive

If you’re the kind of gamer who is always capturing clips and screenshots, you can tweak your settings to always automatically upload or save these clips to one of these paths instead of the Xbox Network. If you don’t, they’ll remain in the system for around three months, and they too will be deleted.

I know that I’ve got clips and screenshots on my account going back several years, but I’ve not taken the time to back them up and probably won’t – those glimpses into the past will be forever lost as of this month.

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