Florida Joker Threatens To Join Forces With GTA Hacker

florida joker GTA 6

That’s right – he’s still harping on about wanting his payday from Rockstar Games.

Since releasing the first trailer for GTA 6 in December, Rockstar Games has been on the receiving end of a series of threats handed out by the ‘Florida Joker’ an individual who was parodied in said trailer. He recognised his rough likeness in a certain character that was posed in prison garb during a mug shot and decided he could try making a little money on the appearance, and since then, he has gotten increasingly ridiculous in his demands.

‘I Can’t Even Eat a Pizza’

In his latest video, the Florida Joker has demanded a payout of $10 million from Rockstar Games and stressed that it’s his ‘final warning’ – despite making several videos with the same claim before now. However, he went a step further in this latest video, stating that if Rockstar Games didn’t answer his demands, he said he’d ‘break that kid out the psych ward’ and together, they’d ‘hack your system again’.

He refers to the infamous teenager who hacked Rockstar Games in 2022 and released over 100 GB of data online.

In his desperate clip, the Florida Joker explained that he can’t go anywhere or even ‘eat a pizza’ without people approaching him to ask for a picture. Despite claiming that this debacle is ruining his life, he’s going to extreme lengths to make himself look as close to the GTA 6 parody character as possible by dying his hair and donning prison overalls.

It’s also worth noting that he keeps addressing his demands to ‘GTA’ and not ‘Rockstar Games’, so he’s obviously doing his research and is serious about this.

Rockstar Games doesn’t take cyber threats lightly – the Florida Joker is treading on thin ice with this latest video.

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