Netflix Could Add Price Tags and Ads To Games

netflix games

It has been more than two years since Netflix started including games on its platform, giving users an entirely new way to enjoy their paid-for service. Recently, that gaming platform was heavily publicised following the addition of classic Grand Theft Auto games, included in the price of a Netflix subscription and available to all users.

In a recent report published by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Netflix is looking at ways to monetise the popularity of its gaming platform, and is reportedly considering implementing price tags, in-game ads, and microtransactions.

But They Said They Wouldn’t

It was just a year ago that Netflix’s co-CEO, Greg Peters, talked down the idea of introducing these very features to the streaming giant’s gaming platform:

We want to have a differentiated gaming experience, and part of that is giving game creators the ability to think about building games purely from the perspective of player enjoyment and not having to worry about other forms of monetisation, whether it be ads or in-game payment.

Now, according to the report written in the WSJ, that’s exactly what Netflix is considering. For more than two years, these games have been made available to users for no extra charge, and quite a substantial library has been built up. Toward the end of 2022, it was reported that the fledgling service wasn’t at all popular among Netflix subscribers – but things have evolved since then.

Netflix is yet to confirm whether it’s seriously looking at in-app purchases and ads to monetise its gaming platform.

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