Nintendo President Comments On Palworld

Nintendo Palworld

Despite its player base not being close to what its peak was a few weeks back, Palworld is still a big deal in the world of gaming. From its gameplay elements to where it may have taken inspiration from, the game from developer Pocketpair continues to be the talk of the town. So much so that Palworld as now been directly asked about to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa.

During a recent earnings call, Furukawa was asked about Palworld and the accusations it has taken assets and designs directly from Pokemon. While he didn’t specifically mention the game by name when asked, Furukawa did say, according to Reuters, that Nintendo will “take appropriate action against those that infringe our intellectual property (IP) rights.”

The response from Furukawa lines up with what The Pokemon Company has said about any game that may attempt to use Pokemon IP.

Since it’s launch in early access on January 19, Palworld has seen it become the second-most played Steam game of all time, the highest-played 3rd-party Xbox Game Pass title, and has sold more than 12 million copies on Steam.

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