2K Makes More Job Cuts at Visual Concepts Austin

lego 2k drive

It has been revealed on social media that several employees at Visual Concepts Austin have been laid off mere months after an opening wave took out a round of employees in September 2023. This news was corroborated by now former employees of the company on social media and networking platform, LinkedIn.

Most recently, Visual Concepts Austin was responsible for working on WWE 2K23, NBA 2K24, and LEGO 2K Drive.

It Continues

This year, a devastating number of industry workers have been laid off – thousands in the space of a single month. It’s a heartbreaking replication of last year’s trend, which saw more than 10,000 games workers lose their jobs – and some studios close entirely.

On LinkedIn, former Art Manager at Visual Concepts Austin, Brad Bowling, wrote:

The games industry bloodletting continues. Today Visual Concepts Austin laid off myself and a group of very talented developers. I have had a great time over the past couple of years working with some of the finest Game Devs in the industry. Over the past 23 years of making game art, I have seen some downturns but nothing like this.

One former employee wrote about this being the second lay-off she’s suffered in just eighteen months as the industry struggles with a worsening financial situation and transformations in ways of playing and developing games.

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