Sony Possibly Building New Studio Of Ex-Deviation Games Talent

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Sony could potentially be putting together a new internal studio of creatives that previously worked at Deviation Games.

The rumor has begun to circulate after Twitter user @Zuby_Tech noticed several related job description updates from former Deviation Games employees.

Fred Thompson appears to be “leading the design for an unannounced project”. Images of some of the key employee profiles are presented in a tweet from @Zuby_Tech, though it doesn’t reveal any project details.

Further, game designer JCBackfire recently revealed via Twitter that they currently work for Jason Blundell.

Blundell co-founded Deviation Games years ago, but they eventually left the studio in 2022.

Deviation Games officially announced it on Twitter in September 2022, but did not explain why Blundell left. They simply stated they “appreciate the contributions Jason has made, and we wish him the best”.

Fans will likely recognize Jason Blundell for their work on the Call of Duty series. Blundell worked on both Campaign and Zombie modes.

Zombie action was considered a highlight of the series. General Manager Johanna Faries recently stated that the mode’s fresh new turn in Modern Warfare 3 the “best rated third mode in a decade”.

Blundell would be a major addition. And with multiple employees from Deviation Games, Sony could construct a similar team.

Deviation Games is one of the earlier studios that faced major layoffs in 2023. The studio let go of as many as 90 employees, with no official statement on the matter.

Sony appears to be planning even more layoffs for PlayStation studios, including Insomniac Games, despite the recent and devastating hack.

So, creating a new internal studio would be a surprising move, and it is just a rumor. But the talent is already actively available for Sony.

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