Starfield Has Fallen To ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam

starfield reviews

Starfield was released by Bethesda Game Studios on September 6, 2023. It was hailed as being a monumental, enormous open-world game with untold potential, and it was the first new IP from the firm in more than two decades. In interviews, it was revealed that the concept for Starfield was more than twenty years old, and it took this long to develop it because Bethesda Game Studios wanted to produce the perfect game.

That wasn’t the result, unfortunately. Recently, Starfield’s reviews dropped even lower than they already had on Steam, driven by the sentiment around the game that continues to be considerably morose. On Steam, Starfield sits with a recent review rating of ‘Mostly Negative’, a jarring representation of how people feel about the space-faring epic.

Forever Dwindling

Starfield was very well hyped up leading into the game’s launch. There was a fantastic marketing campaign spearheaded by Bethesda Game Studios that took the world by storm, and by the end, more than 13 million players jumped on board with Starfield, but many of those players came away with a sour taste in their mouths, given that the product they invested in revealed itself to be far from perfect.

On Steam, the game boasts 86,425 reviews with an ultimate rating of ‘Mixed’. However, the more recent feedback, which is represented by a batch of 7,302 reviews, suggests a more miserable image, rating the game as ‘Mostly Negative’.

One recent review referred to the game as a ‘big cup of mediocrity’, while another said it is a ‘game that has an excess of nothingness’. In a review written toward the end of November, a user wrote, ‘The story is as generic as it gets and the gameplay gets boring.’

Few redeeming features save Starfield, and that’s coming from someone who invested plenty of time in the game, completed all it had to offer, and bought into the game’s ultimate ‘Constellation Edition’.

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  1. I remember Xbots using Steam reviews against Critic reviews saying “This is what real gamers think.” Because Steam had positive reviews first, wonder what the Xbox say now.

    1. You Zoomers love ruining live more than enjoying your own. Spend some time playing the game and you’ll see that it’s good. Hard to enjoy a game when you don’t own it and just troll the Discussion Posts.

      1. I have 237 hours in Starfield and can say it is Mediocre. It doesnt comes close to Fallout magic. Everything is soulless, every planet is soulless. Most of content is copy laste because of the procedural rendering. Same cave, same Science tower, same enemy patterns. You are way to aggressive and nobody except you uses bad language. It is very clean, PG friendly, and roleplay is not great either. Not even talking about loading screen mess. Starfield in whole game universe is barely scratching 6/10. More likely is 5/10. Still they need to work on it, but it doesnt have bones to have option to turn around.

        1. The procedural generation criticism is used a lot against Starfield. I haven’t played it much, mostly because I’m not much of a FPS fan, but I find the procedural generation in games I have played a lot, like NMS & Valheim quite immersive.

          Is the procedural generation criticism just a matter of taste and expectations from people hoping for Skyrim or Fallout, or does Starfield do procedural generation worse than other games?

          1. It is not problem at start and midgame, but as sandbox game in long run it feels “empty”, because there is no really meaning why stuff is on this planet, why here? Why pirates are there? It is in long run so generic, for me.

  2. I am enjoying this so much, thinking about all the overly hyped fanboys who would get outraged when people predicted that this was going to happen.

  3. To be fair… There is a lot of sad little people out there… The game is amazing. But there is a lot of pathetic little people, a lot being sad little Sony Fanboys, giving it a 0… I mean… 0? What’s wrong with people. Star field is doing something that’s never been done before. Realistically… I’d give it a 94.

  4. Insider Gaming doing their absolute best to trash Starfield. Guess it is what they are paid for (by Sony).

    Grant, get a life. You’re a disgusting piece of shit.

    1. How is it trashing if they are sharing something factual like the negative steam reviews???

    2. uh, nah, the game’s pretty mediocre. everyone played it on gamepass and went ‘meh’. they moved on, because todd howard is the real disgusting piece of shit. just an idiot corpo ghoul that hasn’t done real work in 30 years. enjoy the tenth rerelease of skyrim, you asshole.

    3. Aww is somebody saying mean things about your game you like? Get over it, its significantly worse than the elder scrolls or fallout ips and that’s an objective fact

  5. I am 1000hrs in. There are multiple endings and multiple dialogs for playing the game differently. They are going to fix the travel and add maps. The extra missions will be all that’s needed to continue making it a great game to play.

  6. Articles like this are so pointless. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with trashing starfield. It was fun. I spent 250 hours on it. I probably won’t play it again. I didn’t play fallout 4 or Skyrim again either after spending 200-300 hours on them. They’re a finite thing.

  7. Been playing it for about a week, boring and monotonous. Do I really want to run around a planet researching stuff, NO. The game game needs more action.

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