GTA 5 Source Code, GTA 6 Code, and Bully 2 Files Leaked, Reports Claim

gta 5 source code

Following on from last year’s mega-hack that saw over 100 GB of content released into the wild from within Rockstar Games’ projects, it seems as though damage is still being done. In recent hours, reports have surfaced claiming that GTA 5’s full source code – of which snippets were previously seen – has now leaked in full, along with fresh Python code from GTA 6 and every file from the long-since cancelled game, Bully 2.

Here We Go Again

Several sources have claimed that more information than before has leaked again – as if last year’s super-sized leak that revealed countless GTA 6 details wasn’t bad enough. Until now, transactions were reportedly being held behind closed doors, with key data such as GTA 5’s source code, stolen by a teenager in a hotel room with a mobile device last year, changing hands in secret. It has now been shared online, according to recent screenshots.

Not only that but it has also been claimed that every file relating to Bully 2 – the follow-up to 2008’s Bully – has also been leaked. In another screenshot that is floating around, fresh Python code from GTA 6 has also been revealed, along with some early, conceptual materials from GTA 5, such as an original rendition of the game’s map.

There are now serious concerns that sophisticated cheats can be more freely created with GTA 5’s source code being in the open.

This story is developing as more sources reveal what has been leaked.

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  1. When will this finally come to an end? I still wish Rockstar Games and their developers a Merry Christmas. Will GTA 6 perhaps be delayed because of this?

  2. The GTA 6 python code is just very basic pipeline code to process fbx files for MotionBuilder. Nothing amazing/different from any other MotionBuilder python code.

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