Activision Banned 23,000 COD Cheaters in a Month

team ricochet

Over time, Activision’s ‘Team RICOCHET’ continues to perfect its anti-cheat algorithms and mechanics, hacking away at the steady number of cheaters making their way into the Call of Duty ecosystem. It was recently revealed that over 23,000 accounts were banned for cheating in a Call of Duty game in a single month.

At present, Team RICOCHET is working on finessing the anti-cheat features through machine learning, making the system more intelligent as the software that cheaters use also becomes more sophisticated.

That’s A Lot of Damage

Team RICOCHET walks a line between serious anti-cheat mechanics and hilarious punitive methods. For instance, it was recently revealed that RICOCHET’s ‘SPLAT’ feature has been activated more than 2,000 times since it was deployed. With SPLAT, cheaters suddenly feel the force of immense gravity, and a tiny jump becomes a staggering plummet to the ground that leads to instant death.

However, the system is far from perfect. It’s a work in progress that still draws complaints from the user base, with many players being ‘shadowbanned’ or removed from the game for no real reason. Somewhere, something happened to trigger the machine learning-driven system, and unfortunately, it means that more than a few players are finding themselves booted from Warzone or Modern Warfare 3 unceremoniously.

It’s a huge win that Team RICOCHET is working hard to remove so many cheaters from the game, but there’s a long road ahead, and for the foreseeable, legitimate users will inevitably be banned as the systems adjust and learn.

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