Ubisoft Just Fought Off a Mega Hack, It’s Claimed

ubisoft hack

Following the devastating ransomware attack against Insomniac Games that saw more than a terabyte of data leaked online – including a workable build of Wolverine – other developers are understandably bolstering their cybersecurity efforts. It has been claimed that just days after Insomniac Games was breached, Ubisoft also suffered from a malicious intrusion, but this story had a more positive ending. It was said that Ubisoft’s cybersecurity teams reportedly cleaned their systems of the ‘Threat Actor’ before a substantial amount of data could be stolen.

Too Close

It has been claimed by vx-underground on Twitter that on December 20th, an ‘unknown Threat Actor’ broke into Ubisoft’s systems and remained there for around forty-eight hours. During that time, this user had access to SharePoint, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams, as well as other, internal systems – but despite that level of access, all that seems to have surfaced are a series of screenshots that reveal almost nothing.

Reportedly, the Threat Actor was attempting to ‘exfiltrate’ around 900 GB of data but failed after being booted out of the systems by Ubisoft. It was further claimed that the data the malicious operator was trying to secure was related to Rainbow Six Siege. It’s not yet known exactly what content was obtained, but vx-underground seems sure that the attempt was unsuccessful.

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  1. I received an email just the other day warning of a log in to my Unisoft account from a location in Russia. So, “fought off” and attack may be an overstatement.

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